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Naseem Haider

Founder & Managing Director

Raoul Doraiswamy founded Conversionry in 2015 from a bedroom and a laptop with a mission to help businesses see ROI from their marketing initiatives and grow their conversions. With over a decade of experience in the digital marketing space, Raoul has helped leading retail and B2B brands grow and scale their online sales through bespoke conversion optimisation (CRO) and experimentation programs. Raoul believes that great optimisation does not come from random opinions or psychology hacks, but from pinpointing and solving unique customer problems.


Ahtesham Naseer

Digital Optimisation Lead

With a strong analytical mind and keen eye for detail, Kirra Draper is your chief “Problem Finder”. She is in charge of overseeing the successful results of our CRO clients and training our CRO team.

Armed with 7 years experience in Digital Marketing and CRO, Kirra has helped her clients achieve significant growth through her in-depth analysis and experience running strategic experimentation programs. Kirra's clients have often seen several hundreds to millions of dollars in additional revenue purely attributed to CRO/Experimentation.


Qasim iqbal

Digital Optimisation Specialist

With a knack for diving into data and analysis, Jase finds joy in uncovering real customer problems. He understands sustainable growth comes from a personal approach to experimentation. He enjoys developing high-impact tests that keep the client’s brand and customer at the center. Jason has experience working in growth & analytics for startups and corporates, bringing a unique blend of know-how and insight to clients’ objectives. You’ll find Jason on hiking trips, at the climbing gym, or studying Dutch in his spare time.


Riaz Hussain

Digital Project Manager

With a laser focused eye for detail and an analytical mind, Heidi is a data driven, problem solver who enjoys exceeding expectations on high quality projects. She has remarkable experience working from both agency and client perspectives, enabling her to help client stakeholders make sense of very complex technical problems.

Heidi has a passion for adventure and exploration. In her spare time, you will find Heidi hiking on trails around Victoria, waltzing across the dancefloor or relaxing with friends and family.


Salman haider

Digital Optimisation Specialist

In love with everything problem-solving, behavioural analysis and data, Charlotte is your go-to "let's solve this!" person. She has helped our clients increase their revenue and conversions through her problem-solving and experimentation skills. Often finding those golden conversion opportunities, Charlotte has delivered experiments that produce several hundreds to millions of dollars in additional revenue.

She also likes long walks on the beach often thinking deeply about her life choices.


Mussab Hassan

UX Designer

Lily is particularly interested in user-led design, creating solutions that increase conversions and delight users. She has over two years of agency and CRO experience, intertwining her passion areas of interactive visual design and digital experiences as a UX designer.

After completing her degree in UX and marketing, she studies behavioural science to understand user behaviour better. You can also find her stretching in a yoga class, indulging her artistic side in a crafternoon, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.


Rabi khan

Project Coordinator

Responsible for getting things done and getting it done right, Crissy is Conversionry's Project Support Coordinator. She is in charge of all AdHoc related tasks, helping the teams with timelines, following up on items and meeting reminders. When she's not battling in the arena, she spends time hitting shuttlecocks, going on food trips, and being goofy around her friends and family.


Abdul Rehman

Technical Lead Consultant

AB Testing can get very technical, and you don't want to run tests with bugs. With 7+ years of experience working with eCommerce brands and agencies, including all major eCommerce platforms and marketing tools including Google Analytics, GTM and Google Optimize/Optimizely, O.K. is in charge of ensuring our techincal development environments are well planned and both agency/client development teams are well aligned for flawless work.

Our Technologies

What Makes Flaxenmedia Different?

Hello, we are a conversion optimization agency with a global presence, committed to delivering exceptional conversion results for our clients.

At our agency, we have a deep-seated enthusiasm for empowering our clients to expedite their sales through experimentation. Regrettably, numerous marketing and optimization teams often resort to spending exorbitant amounts on advertising with little to show for it.

Our approach is different. We seek to revolutionize the industry by eschewing outdated best practices and avoiding the guess-and-test methodology. Instead, we rely on tangible results that stem from listening attentively to the most crucial voice in the equation: your customers’.

Our approach is centered on addressing genuine user problems and achieving tangible outcomes, rather than relying on arbitrary UX concepts or best practices that may not always be effective.

Through the process of observing and analyzing visitor behavior on your website, we can gain valuable insights into what motivates and impedes them. By identifying these factors, we can develop an evidence-based experimentation program that optimizes your website’s potential and increases the number of paying customers.

Since our establishment in 2015, our primary objective has been to help businesses achieve measurable growth. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with prominent Australian and international brands, offering data-driven insights, conversion optimization services, analytics, testing, and strategic growth solutions to assist them in scaling their revenue.

Find out more about our unique, data-driven conversion optimisation (CRO) service.

How Conversionry will help you Win at Experimentation.

At Conversionry, we listen to what your customers – our expert team hone in on your site’s specific obstacles, then maximise your site’s potential by delivering an evidence-based experimentation program that turns your online browsers into dedicated customers.


A/B Testing


Multivariate Testing

AI Testing


Website Polls

Chat Support Analysis

Customer Surveys

Usability Testing

On-Site Surveys

Customer Interviews

Session Recordings


Web Analytics





Information Hierarchy

“It’s been a dream to work with the Conversionry team for the past few months and we’ve seen some great results through the AB testing.

To date, we’ve seen an increase across the board in conversation rate & as a result, in our revenue & transactions. They’re a fantastic CRO partner and we look forward to continued growth.”

Ashley Donald

The Goodnight Co

“We’ve seen a significant growth in yearly figures and that wouldn’t have been possible without Conversionry’s expertise”

Shad Alam

Australian Unity

“Raoul and Conversionry team have been a partner of ours for over 6 months and the results have exceeded all expectations.

Our conversion rate nearly doubled and online sales have seen over 60% growth.” 

Olga Shchur


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